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Phil .Literature Essay Example for Free

Phil .Literature Essay Philippine scholarly creation during the American Period in the Philippines was prodded by two critical improvements in training and culture. One is the presentation of free open guidance for all offspring of young and two, the utilization of English as mode of guidance in all degrees of training in government funded schools. Free state funded training made information and data available to a more prominent number of Filipinos. The individuals who profited of this training through school had the option to improve their societal position and joined a decent number of taught masses who turned out to be a piece of the country’s white collar class. The utilization of English as mode of guidance acquainted Filipinos with Anglo-American methods of thought, culture and life ways that would be installed in the writing delivered as well as in the mind of the country’s instructed class. It was this informed class that would be the wellspring of a lively Philippine Literature in English. Philippine writing in English, as an immediate aftereffect of American colonization of the nation, couldn't evade being imitative of American models of composing particularly during its time of apprenticeship. The verse composed by early writers showed examined endeavors at versification as in the accompanying sonnet which is evidence of the poet’s rather basic exercise in the English language: Vacation days finally are here, And we have a great time so dear, All young men and young ladies do readily cheer, This invited period of the year. Toward the beginning of June in school we’ll meet; A harder undertaking will we complete And in the event that we bomb we should rehash That similar errand without retreat. We basically rest to come back again To class where young men and young ladies acquire The Creator’s blessing to men Whose cheerful expectations in us remain. Get-away methods a period for play For youthful and old in night and day My desire for everything is to be gay, And malice none lead you adrift Juan F. Salazar Philippines Free Press, May 9, 1909| The sonnet was anthologized in the primary assortment of verse in English, Filipino Poetry, altered by Rodolfo Dato (1909 †1924). Among the artists included in this collection were Proceso Sebastian Maximo Kalaw, Fernando Maramag, Leopoldo Uichanco, Jose Ledesma, Vicente Callao, Santiago Sevilla, Bernardo Garcia, Francisco Africa, Pablo Anzures, Carlos P. Romulo, Francisco Tonogbanua, Juan Pastrana, Maria Agoncillo, Paz Marquez Benitez, Luis Dato and numerous others. Another collection, The English German Anthology of Poetsedited by Pablo Laslo was distributed and secured writers distributed from 1924-1934 among whom were Teofilo D. Agcaoili, Aurelio Alvero, Horacio de la Costa, Amador T. Daguio, Salvador P. Lopez, Angela Manalang Gloria, Trinidad Tarrosa, Abelardo Subido and Jose Garcia Villa, among others. A third pre-war assortment of verse was altered via Carlos Bulosan, Chorus for America: Six Philippine Poets. The six artists in this assortment were Jose Garcia Villa, Rafael Zulueta da Costa, Rodrigo T. Feria, C. B. Meticulousness, Cecilio Baroga and Carlos Bulosan. In fiction, the time of apprenticeship in artistic writing in English is set apart by impersonation of the style of narrating and exacting adherence to the specialty of the short story as rehearsed by well known American fictionists. Early short story scholars in English were regularly named as the Andersons or Saroyans or the Hemingways of Philippine letters. Leopoldo Yabes in his investigation of the Philippine short story in English from 1925 to 1955 focuses to these models of American fiction applying significant impact on the early works of story journalists like Francisco Arcellana, A. E. Litiatco, Paz Latorena. . At the point when the University of the Philippines was established in 1908, a tip top gathering of essayists in English started to apply impact among the culturati. The U. P. Authors Club established in 1926, had expressed that one of its points was to improve and engender the language of Shakespeare. In 1925, Paz Marquez Benitez short story, Dead Stars was distributed and was made the milestone of the development of the Filipino essayist in English. Not long after Benitez, short story authors started distributing stories not, at this point imitative of American models. In this way, story journalists like Icasiano Calalang, A. E. Litiatco, Arturo Rotor, Lydia Villanueva, Paz Latorena , Manuel Arguilla started distributing stories showing both gifted utilization of the language and a sharp Filipino reasonableness. This blend of writing in an acquired tongue while harping on Filipino traditions and customs reserved the artistic yield of significant Filipino fictionists in English during the American time frame. Therefore, the significant books of the period, for example, the Filipino Rebel, by Maximo Kalaw, and His Native Soil by Juan C. Laya, are talks on social personality, nationhood and being Filipino done in the English language. Stories, for example, How My Brother Leon Brought Home a Wife by Manuel Arguilla examined the view just as the folkways of Ilocandia while N. V. M. Gonzales’s books and stories, for example, Children of the Ash Covered Loam, present the display of Mindoro, in the entirety of its traditions and conventions while arranging its characters in the human problem of wistfulness and neediness. Aside from Arguilla and Gonzales, noted fictionists during the period included Francisco Arcellana, whom Jose Garcia Villa commended as a virtuoso narrator, Consorcio Borje, Aida Rivera, Conrado Pedroche, Amador Daguio, Sinai Hamada, Hernando Ocampo, Fernando Maria Guerrero. Jose Garcia Villa himself composed a few short stories yet committed the greater part of his opportunity to verse. In 1936, when the Philippine Writers League was sorted out, Filipino essayists in English started examining the estimation of writing in the public eye. Started and driven by Salvador P. Lopez, whose articles on Literature and Societyprovoked discusses, the conversation focused on lowly writing, I. e. , drew in or submitted writing versus the craftsmanship for art’s purpose artistic direction. In any case, this conversation inquisitively left out the issue of imperialism and pilgrim writing and the entire spot of abstract writing in English under a pioneer set-up that was the Philippines at that point. With Salvador P. Lopez, the exposition in English picked up the high ground in everyday talk on legislative issues and administration. Polemicists who used to write in Spanish like Claro M. Recto, gradually began utilizing English in the conversation of recent developments even as paper dailies moved away from Spanish detailing into English. Among the writers, Federico Mangahas had a simple office with the language and the exposition as class. Other noted writers during the period were Fernando Maramag, Carlos P. Romulo , Conrado Ramirez. Then again, the blossoming of a lively artistic convention because of recorded occasions didn't inside and out hamper abstract creation in the local or indigenous dialects. Truth be told, the early time of the twentieth century was surprising for the critical artistic yield of every single significant language in the different scholarly kind. It was during the early American time frame that subversive plays, utilizing the type of the zarsuwela, were mounted. Zarsuwelistas Juan Abad, Aurelio Tolentino ,Juan Matapang Cruz. Juan Crisostomo Sotto mounted the works of art like Tanikalang Ginto, Kahapon, Ngayon at Bukas and Hindi Ako Patay, all coordinated against the American colonialists. Patricio Mariano’s Anak ng Dagat and Severino Reyes’s Walang Sugat are similarly amazing zarsuwelas organized during the period. Just before World War II, Wilfredo Maria Guerrero would pick up predominance in theater through his one-demonstration plays which he visited through his versatile theater. In this way, Wanted a Chaperone and The Forsaken Housebecame exceptionally well known in grounds all through the archipelago. The epic in Tagalog, Iloko, Hiligaynon and Sugbuanon additionally created during the period helped generally by the consistent distribution of week by week magazines like the Liwayway, Bannawag and Bisaya which serialized the books. Among the early Tagalog authors of the twentieth century were Ishmael Amado, Valeriano Hernandez Pena, Faustino Aguilar, Lope K. Santos and Lazaro Francisco. Ishmael Amado’s Bulalakaw ng Pag-asa distributed in 1909 was perhaps the soonest novel that managed the subject of American dominion in the Philippines. The epic, in any case, was not discharged from the print machine until 1916, at which time, the creator, by his own confirmation and subsequent to having been sent as a pensionado to the U. S. , had different thoughts separated from those he wrote in the novel. Valeriano Hernandez Pena’s Nena at Neneng portrays the tale of two ladies who happened to be best of companions as they adapt to their associations with the men in their lives. Nena prevails in her wedded life while Neneng experiences a turbulent marriage as a result of her envious spouse. Faustino Aguilar distributed Pinaglahuan, an adoration triangle set in the early long periods of the century when the laborers development was being framed. The novel’s saint, Luis Gatbuhay, is a specialist in a printery who isimprisoned for an unfounded allegation and loses his affection, Danding, to his adversary Rojalde, child of a well off industrialist. Lope K. Santos, Banaag at Sikat has nearly a similar subject and theme as the legend of the novel, Delfin, additionally begins to look all starry eyed at a rich lady, little girl of a well off proprietor. The romantic tale obviously is set additionally inside the foundation of advancement of the worker’s worker's guild development and all through the novel, Santos draws in the perusers in long treatises and talks on communism and free enterprise. Numerous other Tagalog writers composed on varieties of a similar topic, I. e. , the interaction of destiny, love and social equity. Among these journalists are Inigo Ed Regalado, Roman Reyes, Fausto J. Galauran, Susana de Guzman, Rosario de Guzman-Lingat, Lazaro Francisco, Hilaria Labog, Rosalia Aguinaldo, Amado V. Hernandez. A considerable lot of these journalists had the option to create at least three books as Soledad Reyes would confirm in her book which is the consequence of her thesis,

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Heathcliff Understanding Man S Duality Essay Research free essay sample

Heathcliff: Understanding Man S Duality Essay, Research Paper Walk 20, 1996Study of Literature Heathcliff: Understanding Man s Duality In Emily Bronte s novel, Wuthering Heights, the straightforward request, Who and what is Heathcliff? waits in the peruser s head all through the account because of its intricate answers. There are two contradicting readings of Heathcliff that root thus region from an individual root. One development concerns Bronte s alone strategy for account which includes the narrator inside a narrator method. Despite the fact that there is one outside narrator, Bronte offers inside point of view through a few diverse narrational gadgets, for example, Nelly Dean s narrating and Isabella s note. The second includes objective presuming that the peruser may use to pull his/her ain choices toward the fulfillment of the novel. What's more, simply through the misgiving and connection of the two developments does the peruser understand that Heathcliff s polarity makes him be both the legend and the wannabe, and both the supporter an d the foe. We will compose a custom article test on Heathcliff Understanding Man S Duality Essay Research or on the other hand any comparable point explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page Villain is a rehashing word that the new s characters constantly used to portray Heathcliff. Be that as it may, when Nelly preeminent starts to express the historical backdrop of the family to Mr. Lockwood in Chapter 4, she reviews the cherished memory of Heathcliff with extravagant and compassion towards his being mishandled by Hindley. Nelly is in excess of a creative demonstration of the way that little Heathcliff neer hurt anybody in the main topographic point and that he was misfortunate to succumb to Hindley s mistreatment of the hapless, illegitimate child ( p. 79 ) . The peruser, alongside Mr. Lockwood other than learns of the guiltless love that created among Heathcliff and his dear Catherine. Furthermore, with age, their adoration stairss to a higher enthusiastic quality that ties them to an unreasonable feeling of opportunity, which amusingly traps them in inside spasm. Heathcliff s subject of reprisal and his all-inclusive want to ship it out is defended non only by the m erciless and harsh Hindley, yet next to by the unchanging help of the idea that he was non deserving of affection, along these lines, by the marriage of his dear Catherine to another grown-up male, and in the long run by her expire. Every one of these variables carry him to make his ain self-expending snake pit in which he is the Satan each piece great as the limited scoundrel of Wuthering Heights, his brutal realm. Isabella s message, and Nelly s last affections for the developed Heathcliff simply helps the peruser to remember the evil, and fiendish grown-up male whose inaccessibility rendered him unequipped for human sympathy. In any case, the peruser must non cover all the genuine stamp minutes Heathcliff uncovers with Catherine and the enthusiastic way he portrays his from this point forward without Catherine as perish and snake pit ( p.186 ) . Tragically, for the characters each piece great as the peruser it is simpler to take a gander even from a pessimistic standpoint sides of individuals than the great, so it is of import to see the understood in causes that have formed Heathcliff. The peruser may other than assume that the essayist recalls Heathcliff s abuse and as a sort of sympathy permits Heathcliff at a push to bring through his pledge for reprisal by holding him incidentally outlast the majority of his coevals each piece great as his ain kid. Concerning the characters that experience Heathcliff, they appear to be generally biting the dust to escape his torment. What's more, expire is a help of harming and torment for characters like Catherine, who passed on have oning the vibe of a grinning ( p. 201 ) , and even Linton, who envisions his inescapable expire to be a tranquility of head. This is all a direct result of the way Heathcliff contemptibly excited disdain and strained quality to those he constrained around him, doing them to purposefully despise him each piece great as one another. Thusly, the answer to why Heathcliff purposefully give occasion to feel qualms about wretchedness Wuthering Heights is a compound one. In the closing yearss of Heathclif f s life a recognizable change happens to which Nelly calls to going to in the way he has all the earmarks of being phenomenally energized ( p. 358 ) and her jumbling to his announcement, I m too much cheerful, but then non upbeat bounty about the hope of his ain perish ( p. 362 ) . When Heathcliff gets perceptive of his coming expire, he can relinquish the beasts in his chest that torment him since he realizes that he will be brought together with Catherine one time more along these lines, inevitably freeing himself and those left around him to assume typical lives. Heathcliff did non disregard in his interest to emphasize history yet just partly. His expire let the lives of juvenile Catherine and Hareton to get down once more and to the full get down to populate out their ain lives. However, during his life, his insufficiency of affection for the life and the troublesome anguish he applied in his independent snake pit does Heathcliff look not exactly a grown-up male and even more an unfeeling creature. Hence, at the choice of the novel the peruser learns of the more prominent noteworthiness of Bronte s word image of adoration # 8211 ; Heathcliff battled with an enthusiasm for Catherine that neglected to suspend at her misfortune and on the other hand transformed into something appalling and difficult for the individuals of his family every piece great as himself. This implements Heathcliff s division of character with the goal that he is both the saint and the screw-up, the supporter each piece great as the enemy of Wuthering Heights. 355

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How to disable Word Verification on Blogger comment

How to disable Word Verification on Blogger comment Google Bloggers default comment system included word verification feature and this feature is a best feature of Google to resist spam and prevents automated systems from posting comments to your blog. Though Google has announced war against spam. So for making a comment you have to prove commentator as a human they have to write word or digit verification. When you make a comment on blogger comment box then different word or digit puzzle shown randomly. This is very good feature for fight against spam. Spammer comment on a blog that look like an advertisement or a random link but those links and advertisement are completely unrelated with your site. That means you site has encountered comment spam. Comment spam can be automatically create by software. So for resisting this kinds of unwanted comment word verification work best. However this feature can reduce your number of comment from your Blog. Because many commentator doesnt like word verification after making comment. Beside of this I have found many problem in various Google blogger base blog where after writing comment word verification appeared but word verification image is not loading properly. As a result, I have refresh the page again and seen my whole comment has gone. So this is very annoying for any commentator to rewriting the comment again and again. Ultimately visitors will feel discourage to make comment on blog and most commentator leave the site forever because they face problem while making comment. For this reason its better to disable word verification. For disabling word verification from Google bloggers default comment system just follow the below steps- Step #1:Sing in to yourBloggerAccountand Go toBloggerDashboard Step #2:Go toBloggerDashboard -Settings-Posts and comments- Step #3:Now under Show word verification select No by clicking on Dropdown option. Step #4:Finally click on Save Setting Button on the top right corner of the page. Congratulation! You have successfully disable word verification from your default commenting system. Now make a comment after sign out from your Google Blogger account then see Word verification is not appearing.

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Literary evolution Differentiating Romanticism and...

The idea of what literatures function is in shaping society saw a huge change throughout the years, each one of these periods can easily be separated by what literature was used for in each specific era and the ideas that are represented in the literature of these years. The two periods I would like to analyze are romanticism and modernism, namely for the dramatic change in both the form and the use of literature, along with its value to society. Between the romantic and modernist era of literature, writing went from a complex expression of ideals and evocation of emotion to a much less explicit and much more of a social commentary meant to convey unique and new ideas and bring a much different form of realization to the reader. A†¦show more content†¦While some may argue that this may just be a coincidence purely due to the style in which these two authors write, looking back on Wordsworth’s writing after observing that of Eliot provides a sharper contrast of vie ws and ideas of how literature specifically works. In Lines Composed a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey, Wordsworth uses the sublime power of nature to converse with the reader about the emotion one can experience when humbling themselves and observing the forces of nature. First Wordsworth shows his romantic perspective when he states â€Å"Do I behold these steep and lofty cliffs / That on a wild secluded scene impress / Thoughts of more deep seclusion; and connect / The landscape with the quiet of the sky (Tintern Abby, 5-8). Again this is Wordsworth’s famed ability to bring out the sublime feelings brought about through the simple observation of nature. This is more than typical of a romantic writer, yet if you observed the emotional distance that is apparent in Eliot’s writing it would not be incorrect to assume the modernist writer would have little interest in nature or the sublime and the emotions which Wordsworth claims it elicits. Rather Eliot would ar gue the decay of modern society has made him numb to such a simple romantic ideal. I argue this because of the sharp contrast that the passages taken from Eliot’s Love Song provide when compared beside Wordsworth. Eliot writes â€Å"For

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Assignment 371 Dementia Essay examples - 924 Words

Assignment 371 Task A A1) Explain how different forms of dementia can affect the way an individual communicates. All forms of dementia can affect the way a person communicates, so in time they may have to find different ways of expressing themselves and their feelings. As a carer your non-verbal communication will become important, your body language, facial expressions, gestures, eye contact and tone of voice will have to be taken into account when you are communicating with a sufferer. In the early stages of some forms of dementia people may have difficulty finding the right word they are looking for, and in the later stages of some forms of dementia the words could be lost completely. As the dementia progresses, it gets a lot†¦show more content†¦It is important to keep the sentence short because the longer the sentence is then the more likely they are to forget the beginning of it. A4) Describe the impact the behaviours of carers and others may have on an individual with dementia. As a carer it is important how you come across to a person with dementia, they still have emotions and feelings. Your body language and facial expressions can be picked up on by the individual, if you let out a long sigh or raise your eyebrows or have a nasty look on your face then this will be abusive to them and they won’t trust you. Talk to them in a calm manner, hold their hand and smile at them, this will show the individual that you have a caring attitude and they will be better for it. If there are other people in the room who are maybe shouting or talking and laughing then this could cause a problem communicating with the person with dementia, too much noise will only frustrate the individual as they won’t be able to concentrate on any conversation. Task B B1) Analyse ways of responding to the behaviour of an individual with dementia taking account of the abilities and needs of the individual, carers and others. Caring for an individual with dementia can have it’sShow MoreRelatedDeveloping Management Skills404131 Words   |  1617 PagesSelf-Disclosure 89 Through the Looking Glass 89 Diagnosing Managerial Characteristics 90 An Exercise for Identifying Aspects of Personal Culture: A Learning Plan and Autobiography 92 SKILL APPLICATION 95 Activities for Developing Self-Awareness 95 Suggested Assignments 95 Application Plan and Evaluation 95 SCORING KEYS AND COMPARISON DATA 97 Self-Awareness Assessment 97 Scoring Key 97 Comparison Data 97 Emotional Intelligence Assessment 97 Scoring Key 97 Comparison Data 99 The Defining Issues Test 99 The EscapedRead More_x000C_Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis355457 Words   |  1422 Pageschapter. ââ€"   Media Enhanced WebAssign (ISBN 0-495-10963-0) Enhanced WebAssign is the most widely used homework system in higher education. Available for this title, Enhanced WebAssign allows you to assign, collect, grade, and record homework assignments via the web. This proven homework system has been enhanced to include links to the textbook sections, video examples, and problemspeciï ¬ c tutorials. Enhanced WebAssign is more than a homework system—it is a complete learning system for students.Read MoreGsk Annual Report 2010135604 Words   |  543 Pagesa clear NGO need, while developing their own leadership capabilities. During 2009 and 2010, PULSE deployed 116 volunteers in 33 countries to work with 42 NGOs. Volunteers continue to receive their full GSK salary during their three to six month assignment. In 2010, this ï ¬ gure, along with the operating costs for managing the programme, represented a total in-kind donation of  £2.4 million. Governance and remuneration P58–P101 Financial statements P102–P191 Shareholder information P192–P212 BusinessRead MoreMedicare Policy Analysis447966 Words   |  1792 Pageswith BILLS 20 enrolled under an appropriate Exchange-partici- 24 pating health benefits plan. Such process may 25 involve a random assignment or some other †¢HR 3962 IH VerDate Nov 24 2008 12:56 Oct 30, 2009 Jkt 089200 PO 00000 Frm 00185 Fmt 6652 Sfmt 6201 E:\BILLS\H3962.IH H3962 186 1 form of assignment that takes into account the 2 health care providers used by the individual in- 3 volved or such other relevant factors as the 4

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Ba323 Exam Essay - 6817 Words

BA323 exam Chapter 1 Review Questions 1. How would you define â€Å"organization development†? Answer: Organization development is a series of planned behavioral science intervention activities with the purpose of increasing the effectiveness of the system and developing the potential of all individual members. OD efforts are planned, systematic approaches to change that are carried out in collaboration with organization members to help find improved ways of working together toward individual and organizational goals. 2. How does OD differ from a single-change technique such as management training? Answer: OD represents a systems approach that is concerned with the interrelationship of various divisions, departments, groups, and†¦show more content†¦Change leader - a person responsible for change in an organization. Client - the person or organization that is being assisted. Creative individualism - questioning of peripheral norms, accepting of pivotal norms. External practitioner - a person from outside the organization who serves as a resource for change. Internal practitioner - an internal resource for change, such as a manager or other member of the organization. Norms - the organized and shared ideas regarding what members should do and feel, how this behavior should be regulated, and what sanctions should be applied. Organization culture - a system of shared meanings, including language, dress, values, norms, and attitudes of an organization. Organization development - planned strategy to bring about change. OD practitioner - the people using, advocating, and assisting others to implement OD. OD specialist - professionals that have specialized and trained in organization development and related areas such as organization behavior, applied social sciences, interpersonal communications, and decision making. Peripheral norms - norms that support and contribute to the pivotal norms but that are not essential to the organization’s objectives. Pivotal norms - norms essential to an organization’s objectives. Psychological contract - expectations between an individual and an organization. Socialization - process of an individual

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Whats So Great About Dance, Anyway free essay sample

The wooden gym doors slightly creek open as I walk in hesitantly and nervous. Sweaty palms and cold, semi-bare feet tiptoe and make contact with the freshly waxed wooden floor. The leather piece of material wrapped to the bottoms of my feet begin to stick as if being permanently sewn onto the bottoms of my feet as they break into their normal cold sweat step after step. The lights flicker on from the aged gym creating an eerie green illumination on my skin until they finally turn on completely. Once I make it to the middle of the room beside the other dancers, I stand there feeling the leather foot paws becoming one with my body speaking the promising words of, â€Å"You’re here. You’re ready and there’s no backing out†. I knew then and there when the strange yet familiar lady with the blonde ponytail was ready to proceed with her business. We will write a custom essay sample on Whats So Great About Dance, Anyway? or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Like the unsure certainty of skydiving, possibly expecting the worse but hoping for the best, I myself knew this could change my life either for better or worse. â€Å"Your head starts down†, she said as she turned her back towards me and the other dancers. That one body movement was what sealed the deal. I had never challenged myself to that extent when it came to dance; when it came to anything. The feeling of bony knees leaping then crashing into the wooden floors and new skin from the bottoms of my feet creating friction with the floor continuously, made me realize something. If I had wanted this position of being an officer, it wasn’t going to be obviously easy considering I’m being the unidealistic role of â€Å"mom† to other teenage girls like myself. But it’s what I felt like I’m supposed to do. Leading and being a positive outbreak to someone was why I signed up for the â€Å"mentor† role. Besides figuring out other teenagers along with myself, I wanted to stop feeling the physical pain. The ripping of new skin, the bruising then the routine bleeding, the carpet burns, the court burns, the sore achy muscles and bones, I was going to have to set my heart and mind in the right place to realize that the whole cliche â€Å"there’ s no â€Å"I† in â€Å"team† was coming into play here. â€Å"It doesn’t matter if you can execute the hardest dance combination because you’re only as strong as the weakest team member out there on the floor†. It didn’t matter if I individually hurt because we all as a team were physically hurting from the long hours. We all knew. But those words that came from my director Diane Craig one day in summer practice, advanced me to dig deeper, light a fire within and be the better person, the better leader, I had been chosen to be. Like an avalanche sending down a tiny snowball, there was no stopping me. And here you may think, what does drill team and dancing have to do with being a better person? Despite the coming together as a team to create this compact group of individuals with some smiles, sparkles and tricks, there’s a hidden lesson only taking part of can make you understand. It’s about being aware, open, understanding, and a leader. Whether it’s being thrown into a position for wearing the officer’s white uniform or the team’s uniform, becoming the role model for a group of strangers can definitely set you apart and prepare you for the future. Whether it’s having an interview, dressing nice, being a good person and keeping your word, or being on time to a certain appointment or set date, drill team has me prepared. Being ten steps ahead for every single action taking place becomes second nature because you don’t know when another girl or other person is in need of something. It could be something drastically helpful as a lun ch, an extra change of clothes, or something simple as a bobby-pin or hair tie. When it comes to the world outside of high school, it may not be one of those specific actions and yet again it could. I know that becoming a leader or playing â€Å"mom† for a drill team has a bigger meaning than giving a silly little safety pin to another girl, then she be magically inspired. The meaning is way more than coming together to figure out whether an arm or leg movement goes on count 5 or if a leap goes on count 8 and you stand up on 2 so that you can win a competition. It’s more than humbling yourself and giving up your spot on the front row. It’s about â€Å"imagining the possibilities†. It’s about sacrifice, going above and beyond the call of duty, and pulling through with a smile.